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GoToMeeting Price


GoToMeeting Prices in Summary
Pay Monthly: $49 per month which is an annual cost of $588
Pay Yearly: $39 per month which is an annual cost of $468

I have come across a special link which gives you not only the 30 day trial, but also $10 off the price when and if you decide to become a paying client. To avail this offer, sign up for a 30 day obligation free trial through this link.

My Comments on GoToMeeting's Pricing

Because my company often spends tons of money on travel expenses for various meetings throughout the year- I wanted to find a way to bring cost savings to our company. We often had our meetings in remote locations; often times- flights, hotel expense, meals and meeting accommodations would eat up even the leanest of budgets. I often spent hours and hours planning and setting up these meetings. I needed to find something that would offer ease, without sacrificing content; and more importantly- I needed to find something that allowed for at least 20-25 people to attend. I decided to go outside the norm and enroll in a free trial that GoToMeeting.Com offered. The GoToMeeting price was low enough- only $49 per month and 20% less if you pay for a year upfront. But I wasn’t ready to commit or for that matter bring it to my boss’s attention, just yet. I needed to try it, first. Thankfully, the 30-day trial period offered the same great features as the paid version- I simply put in my information and within seconds had downloaded and created a free account with GoToMeeting.

I was basically a first timer for on-line conferencing; so to make my life easier- the GoToMeeting website offered a free tutorial on how the software program worked. It lay out the various features and explained it in a rather simple way- something I truly appreciated. For my first real GoToMeeting, I invited a few colleagues to take part. I, myself, acted as the presenter for the first 20 or 30 minutes and then I handed it over to another colleague. The response for the GoToMeeting program was graciously met. The thought of being able to show spreadsheets to colleagues, receive their input; and even have them point out specific information allowed all of us to interact in a way that no phone call or even large meeting room would ever be able to do. After several smaller meetings with my colleagues and hearing their incredible enthusiasm about the GoToMeeting software; not to mention their feelings about not having to travel as much- I decided to present and invite my boss to a GoToMeeting. The GoToMeeting was a great success; he too- loved the ease and interactive abilities of the software. But just like any other good boss; he wondered about the GoToMeeting price.

I simply explained to him that the GoToMeeting price was only $468 per year and included in that price was all the features you needed to host a GoToMeeting for up to 25 people. I, also, informed him about the entire GoToMeeting Corporate package that included limitless meetings; webinars and large webcasts for up to 1,000 people- a great training tool. I even explained to him that our customers didn’t have to pay a dime to attend a GoToMeeting and neither did our colleagues. He basically jumped at the idea and gave me a great pat on the back; not to mention a great big raise.



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