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GoToMeeting Review


Current Rating of HostMonster based on experiences as detailed below.

GoToMeeting Now on the iPad - 19 July 2010
I recently bought an iPad and I absolutely love it. Although when I bought the iPad I really couldn't see any use for it I just wanted to join the craze. As it turns out the iPad has become quite a business tool for me. I recently found out that GoToMeeting now supports the iPad. The best bit is you just download the app for free and it so very easy to use. At the moment an iPad user can't participate much and can only view. I'm hoping GoToMeeting for iPad will evolve abit more over coming months.

GoToMeeting Review Update- 11 August 2009
I've been using GoToMeeting for a while now and all I can say is that it has saved me $1000's in travel and associated costs. It is probably one of the best investments I have ever made. If you haven't already tried GoToMeeting, I strongly recommend you sign up for their 30 day free trial with this link . By using that link you will also get $10 off when you decide to actually buy (and I'm sure you will). I will try and keep this review of GoToMeeting more updated. One update in 5 months is certainly not ideal.

GoToMeeting Reviews- 7 March 2009
I've spent a bit of time just browsing around for reviews of GoToMeeting and seeing whether other users are as happy with GoToMeeting as I am. As far as I can tell, most users are very satisfied with GoToMeeting and consider it to be one of teh best online conferencing tool available. The only negative reviews I have seen people give are due to the pricing. However, in my opinion GoToMeeting is cheap compared to the benefits that it provides and cost savings.

GoToMeeting Review Update - 1 January 2009
Well I've been using Go To Meeting for a couple of months now and if there is one online tool that saves money and actually makes life easy, it is certainly Go To Meeting. I strongly believe that this service is the best thing online since email was invented. I strongly encourage you to try GoToMeeting, which costs you absolutely nothing. See below for a special offer.

GoToMeeting Free Trial + $10 Off
I have found a special link which not only gives you GoToMeeting's standard 30 day trial but also gives you $10 off the price if you decide to subscribe. GoToMeeting coupons are rare. If you'd like to avail the $10 off, use THIS LINK and sign up for GoToMeeting's trial. Remember you don't have any obligation to buy after your free trial.

My Review of GoToMeeting
As a business woman in the fast-paced corporate world, I receive many offers and information on current trends. Very often, I push them to the side and go on with my busy day. But when I heard about the GoToMeeting website that offered interactive web conferencing- I decided the concept sounded amazing- and basically decided to give it a shot. I really liked the thought of not having to travel from city to city; or for that matter around the world to meet with clients and colleagues. Not only did that mean I could spend more time at home with my family; a juggling act for most executives- it meant I would save our company tons of money.

One of the main reasons, I decided to give GoToMeeting a try was because, basically- I had nothing to loose. The website offered a free trial and I felt that would be plenty of time to decide whether or not I wanted to enroll. So, for 30 days- I, along with many of my clients and colleagues, tried the web conferencing website.

After downloading the GoToMeeting software, which by the way only took seconds; I decided to watch the webinar tutorial. The webinar tutorial put on by GoToMeeting is very informative and very simplistic- which is a great- because I really didn’t have a lot of time to devote to trying to figure out a difficult software program. It basically walked me through the various steps and features that GoToMeeting offers their clients. I happened to really like the fact that the web conferencing software had audio and video recording. So many times, note taking is difficult and distracting while in meetings. This feature allows for you to save the entire contents of the GoToMeeting conference- I could then go back and view comments from my attendees.

Another great feature that I found would be very helpful in my line of work was the fact as the presenter; I could control what my attendees viewed. All I had to do was go to the sidebar and choose what exactly I wanted my attendees to view while conferencing. If you want them just to see an Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation- you simply go to the pull-down menu and choose that. I often keep several programs opened on my computer at a time- My Messenger, Lotus Notes, and sometimes even the Internet browser. I frequently check and even use these for reference on many subjects. When I choose to just let my attendees see the chosen program- they never know that I have these other programs open. As well, the GoToMeeting software allows for the presenter to turn over the program to other presenters during the GoToMeeting. I used this feature quiet a lot. As the district manager, I was able to present my part of the GoToMeeting- then simply handover the remainder of the meetings to my store managers; all of which were in different cities and even different states.

When asked to write this GoToMeeting Review; I tried to think of all the features that brought me satisfaction and more importantly, brought my attendees satisfaction. I really think they enjoyed the interactive web conferencing. Many times at meetings and seminars that you attend; people are afraid to ask questions, brain-storm ideas, or for that matter- speak. When doing this GoToMeeting review, I discovered that most of my clients and staff were more apt to voice their opinion and give me ideas. This is a great feature that I found very helpful. It allowed for attendees to be comfortable and relaxed- not like those cold and drab conference rooms you find at your fancy hotels.

No GoToMeeting review would be complete without mentioning the fact that you can include numerous attendees; for individual accounts- up to 15 and for corporate accounts- up to 25; can you imagine trying to do a conference call with 15 or even 25 attendees? It would be a circus! But GoToMeeting allows you to invite attendees prior to the meeting and even during the meeting. As the presenter, you are allowed to choose who speaks at what specific time and basically control the meeting- right from your desk. There’s no talking over anyone else and no confusion over who is presenting. It’s all right there at your finger-tips.

The GoToMeeting staff has really thought of everything, as well. Unlike, many other software programs attendees do not have to pay for the software to join a meeting. This allows for you to correspond with clients and colleagues without costing them a dime. And there are helpful pull-down menus and tips for them to use if they have questions. As well, the GoToMeeting review of the software; shown that integration with other programs like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Talk; was done with technical ease. There’s no long downloads or complicated programming that has to be done. The GoToMeeting software basically walks you through the easy set-up.

The GoToMeeting review of the software proved very beneficial to my company and my staff; not to mention- it’s an innovative concept that truly saved our company money. Many times, we could only afford to meet once a year for our corporate-wide meeting; I’m sure other businesses can relate- the overall cost was just too high. GoToMeeting allowed for us to have numerous corporate-wide meetings per month- there is no limit! Weekly meetings, bi-monthly meetings, daily meetings and even a meeting every hour is possible. The low cost of just $468 per year for the Individual GoToMeeting enrollment meant a savings of thousands for my company. And as our company continues to grow- I will most definitely sign up for the larger Corporate GoToMeeting Plan- where else can you bring 25 people together multiple times a month for just $59?

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